Poppy Playtime Huggy Wuggy

Do not blindly believe that games about toys are necessarily kind and joyful. On the contrary, what can be scarier than a frozen gaze of a doll or plush animal? We bet you immediately remembered such a toy from your childhood, right? If you still have doubts, welcome to Poppy Playtime to see everything with your own eyes. Here, you will have to unravel the tangle of mysterious events that happened in the toy factory a few years ago. Everything could be an exciting adventure if not for the frightening monsters that suddenly appear on your way. And it is hard to believe – these are friendly plush toys that unexpectedly came to life. Some of them will not bring you harm, but others will not miss a chance to interfere with your plans. They are not going to allow you to disclose secrets of the factory. The most dangerous enemy is Huggy Wuggy. He surprisingly appears from the vents and chases the main character along the dark corridors. His appearance is very eye catching – he is very tall, and his pile is of bright blue color. And his distinctive feature is a wide grin, displaying several rows of sharp teeth. Huggy Wuggy will use all methods to lure the protagonist deeper into the premises with the intricate plan of killing him. And your task is to help the guy develop a skillful strategy to trick the monster and corner him. Will you have the knack to mess up your opponent’s actions and implement your own plan? Join the game to test it. You will need to complete a lot of tasks to progress and find a lot of important things that will enable you to get closer to solving this mystical story. You will also have some assistants among toys and several tools that will facilitate the whole process. One of them is a Grabpack – a backpack with magic hands that will help you explore everything around. Do not waste time and dive into exciting adventures!

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