Poppy Playtime

Do you want to experience real adrenaline emotions and plunge into the atmosphere of a toy horror movie? Then welcome to the abandoned Poppy Playtime factory! The opening credits will tell you that you are one of the former employees of this mysterious place. And now, many years later, you come back to understand what happened here. The action takes place in the first person, you will only see your hands. And this is the best suited for horror because your view will be limited only by what is directly in front of your eyes.

It will start off pretty harmlessly. You will find yourself in an empty room where various toy boxes, parts of dolls and other objects are scattered. As soon as you go inside, you will hear a voice recorded on a dictaphone that will begin to grovel about what a wonderful and successful company this is. This voice will echo throughout the room, periodically making you flinch until you get used to it. But even when this happens, you should not relax, because if you stop paying attention to any sounds, you can miss important signals indicating danger.

In the very center of the playroom, you will see a huge blue fluffy creature – the company’s mascot. So far, it is completely motionless, but who knows what will change when you rummage around here a little. The creature has a key in its paw that cannot be obtained yet. But apparently he opens some important door, so keep it in your head. In one of the adjoining rooms you will find a cassette to be inserted into the VCR. This will tell you how to use a very useful development from the company – something called GrabPack.

This thing allows you to throw your hands forward on the ropes, with which you can reach far away objects. You will definitely need such a device to press buttons that you simply cannot reach, grab objects in dangerous places, and also conduct electricity from one mechanism to another. Then go to travel around the factory and be ready to use your find. You will have to figure out how to open different doors, turnstiles, enter the code on the panel, and so on. Look carefully at the walls and around the equipment located in the room – the stuff surrounding you will definitely give you a clue what to do next. But be careful! An unforgettable horror adventure awaits you in Poppy Playtime! Be careful not to fall into the clutches of animated toys when they decide to attack you!

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