Siren Head

If you have strong nerves and a thirst for adventures and thrills – join this game to confront a new monster. The main hero goes to a mysterious place where people disappeared without a reason. To do this, you need to explore the territory of the forest and find evidence to the intricate story of the past. During your adventure, you will meet one of the most frightening characters that have ever appeared in online games. It is a 40-meter creature with a skeletal body covered with substance resembling rusty metal. His arms are almost reaching the ground, and his head is in the form of two loudspeakers with a piece of wire wrapped around his thin neck. This scary character is able to produce a really bloodcurdling sound. You will find yourself in a deep forest, one on one with an evil enemy who is cute enough to hear your steps even at a distance. You will have no weapon to protect yourself, only a small pocket torch.
Accept this challenge and test your survival skills in a dark and dangerous forest, where a terrible monster can attack you at any moment. You will have to solve a lot of interesting puzzles. Will you be smart enough to escape the fate of people who previously vanished here? It is not going to be a one-minute job to find all clues. You will have to explore thoroughly everything around and find all objects that may shed light on the situation. And the most important thing is to find a Siren Head monster and try to get rid of him. Will you find a solution to achieve it barehanded? Several atmospheric locations are waiting for you – and there are a lot of danger everywhere. Dark environment and terrifying sound effects will bring an unforgettable experience. Get started now!

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