FNF vs Huggy Wuggy Poppy Playtime

In this part of the beloved series of FNF games you are going on another great hip-hop adventure! After all, your rival will be the famous monster Huggy Wuggy. And if you thought that dolls can only say ‘mama’, then you are deeply mistaken! Even monsters don’t stay away from modern trends. They are also attracted by youth culture and fashion! That is why groovy rap has filled everything around.

Today, Friday Night Funkin will find out who will rule the abandoned toy factory in a heated debate with the use of microphones! By controlling the arrows, you will be able to issue such tirades, from which even monsters will freeze blood in their veins. The hero’s constant girlfriend, who always monitors his performances from behind the scenes, will monitor the fairness of the competition. You need to hold out for three rounds to emerge victorious. But it’s not just to play around, but to parry every epigram spoken by the enemy. Send the puppet evil to a knockout, at the same time clearing and improving your karma. This is because scaring children in the back streets is one thing, but climbing the ladder of success is completely different!

A fierce hip-hop bastard awaits the player here. A crossover between two famous characters is always fraught with something atypical and loose. So it’s impossible to resist! The legs start to dance themselves, when a hard beat is playing on the dance floor, and those with whom you want to ram are waiting on the ground. Faithful friends and girlfriends will take you to the stage with applause, and greetings with flowers and smiles! Go for it!

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