The House Of Evil Granny

Not all grandmothers are necessarily kind and smiling, some of them are a real devil. Don’t you believe it? Then it’s time to play The House of Evil Granny. One day, you will wake up and find yourself trapped in the mansion of crazy old woman. She does not care who is right and who is wrong and smashed everyone win a baseball bat without regret. It is too late to recollect when and why it happened to you. Now, you have only one solution to remain alive – escape this creepy place as soon as possible. But how to do it without being noticed and caught? You will need to carefully look around and find objects that will enable you to unlock the doors. You will be moving in compete darkness, but once you drop something, the sound will immediately attract insane granny. So be very careful. The location consists of lots of rooms and corridors. You need to find keys to all of them to progress to the main door. Look around for all the tools that can help you – you will find a special weapon that will knock off your enemy for 15 seconds, allowing you to run to a safe place. Do not forget that you need to realize your plan not later that within 5 days otherwise a fatal meeting will not be avoided. Good luck in this horror adventure!

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