Squid Game Pro

No one knows what he is ready for when he finds himself in a financial deadlock. You will definitely start a feverish search for a way, regardless of the possible risks and consequences. This is exactly what happened in this dangerous game. The participants unconditionally agreed to take part in a seemingly harmless competition and receive a large cash prize. And only in the process it turns out that each player has become hostage to a dangerous game, from which there are only two ways out – to win or die. Events unfold in a wide field where dozens of players hope to be the first to reach a giant robot doll in the other end of the location. But this is one intriguing rule – you cannot move whenever you want. You can run when the light indicator is green, but you must immediately stop when the light changes to red. Even that does not sound so horrifying, if it were not a really high price for the mistake. The very same moment you take the wrong step, you will be shot to death. There is no way back, now you need to start a deadly run and rely on your luck!

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