For a long time there were no such ideas that one could be afraid of either psychopaths, or monsters, or aliens, and even less ghosts, but small harmless plush toys. Let’s get nostalgic a little. Remember the terrible moments of your childhood, when you loved teddy bears and were afraid that a monster would come to you at night and eat you. Now imagine that your favorite toy is this monster! Well, were you getting goosebumps? Then welcome to Poppy Playtime!

This game follows the generally accepted construction of the classic horror: the main character is suddenly left alone in an enclosed space, where the environment is so frightening that almost every little thing seems to be a threat. In the story, you come to an old toy factory to understand what happened here many years ago. At first it seems completely empty, but as you explore the room, open the doors and turn on various mechanisms, the toys come to life and begin to haunt you.

The design of the toys is definitely great. They can be both cute and scary at the same time. And this is a plus, as for me, definitely a plus. The appearance of the premises also plays an important role: dark corridors, dust and cobwebs everywhere, you can immediately see that the factory is in a deplorable state. After all, the way the locations look to some extent also affects the atmosphere of the game. As soon as you think that now you are definitely safe, some toy appears and begins to whip up the atmosphere.

All the toys you come across at Poppy Playtime are completely different. They all love to scare and attack in their own way. When you get to know them a little more and learn their habits, you will have a better idea of what to do in a given situation. Chief among all your enemies is the Huggy Wuggy. It is a shaggy blue creature with a wide smile. But don’t be fooled by his friendly expression, he’s very dangerous!

Throughout the game, this monster will hunt you down, getting on your nerves. You will suddenly notice him in dark corners, in reflections or right in front of you, even though he was not there a second ago. Huggy Wuggy will not attack immediately. He will first wait until you panic, and then pounce at the most unexpected moment. In order not to fall into his clutches and not to find out how sharp the teeth hiding behind his smile are, be always on the alert! Enjoy every minute of Poppy Playtime and learn more about its characters playing the game online!

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