Poppy Playtime Chapter 3

All brave players are again invited to the old toy factory to experience a new thrilling adventure. You must have already enjoyed the previous chapters of this horror series. Then you know well that terrible rumors about this place turned out to be true. Some evil power stole all workers from their spots several years ago, and since that time, the factory has got a very bad reputation. Nobody dares to approach it too close, even if it is believed to be empty. So the place was abandoned until its former worker decided to explore it anew. He does not believe in mysteries, and he will soon regret his carelessness. The hero will step into the epicenter of danger! The thing is that all plush toys that remained here turned into evil monsters! Now, besides his main task, he needs to think about how to survive.

It is going to be a real challenge as some encounters may become fatal for your character! In the first chapter, you will be fighting with terrible Huggy Wuggy. This blue monster is very angry to see an uninvited guest on his territory. And he is determined to catch you in his hugs. You will need to complete a lot of quests to remain alive. Even if you manage to escape this enemy, you will soon meet a new one! And it will be Mommy Long Legs, a spider that will make you solve several tricky puzzles. And even after that, you will not be able to sigh with relief! You will move around the factory until you find yourself in some strange place. Who does it belong to? Wait, it is a home of the terrible Huggy Wuggy! You must leave it as soon as possible as the owner will be back soon!

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