Poppy Playtime Horror

Have you ever noticed that some toys look really creepy, and there is sometimes something wrong with their grins? You will soon find out what lovely toys are capable of. And all you need to do is to join Poppy Playtime horror game. At first, you may be puzzled what is so frightening here if we will play with the toys. But wait, we need to start from the very beginning. Actually, the story started years ago, when people mysteriously disappeared from the factory producing toys. Nobody could find out the reason for the tragedy at that time. And gradually, the enterprise got abandoned. Your main hero used to work here a while ago and he decides to get to the bottom of those terrible events. So you need to return to that place to look for some evidence and hints. There is no one else in the building, but why do you have the feeling of being watched? Very soon, you will get a shocking response to your question. Seemingly peaceful toys turn into bloodthirsty monsters when the night comes. But there is no way back – you need to examine every piece of the premises. Your main task is to make friends with some of the toys here. They will become your true mates and will save you not once from various dangers. But keep aside from a really dangerous creature – Huggy Wuggy. Do not pay attention to his grinning face, inside, this character is really evil and will try to become your obstacle every moment. This scary toy will be following you along the corridors, producing terrible screams that will force even the most courageous players to shiver with horror. Besides allies, you will have access to some helpful devices that have magical powers. For example, do not forget to take Grabpack. It is a bit unusual backpack with two interactive hands and a piece of wire. You will be able to perform a number of actions with this tool – grab large objects at a distance, conduct electric power, and open various doors. Even your falls will be softer if you stretch out these hands to hedge you. The whole gameplay is created like an old scratchy VHS tape that conveys the creepy atmosphere just right. But do not give up so quickly, pull yourself together and move forward.

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