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Poppy Playtime Game Play Online For Free

There is great news for all horror game fans – a new entertainment is released. Now you can personally become a part of an intriguing story that will often make fear spread all over your veins. Ready for such a challenge? Then hurry up to join Poppy Playtime to dive into a chain of blood-curdling adventures. But let’s open the curtain a little and find out what exactly awaits us in this game.

What is The Story About?

It is not a new story as everything started years ago. One day, terrible news shook a small town – all the workers from a nearby toy factory suddenly vanished. There was not a single trace left – it looked like they evaporated. And no one was able to find out what caused the disappearance of people. The place has not worked since then slowly has fallen into disrepair. But this story won’t give rest to one of the former workers. And he decides to return to that place and thoroughly explore it. After all, there should have been at least some clues. The main events unfold in the old premises that served as toy production area long ago. Now it is a gloomy building, and it seems that no one has stepped into it for ages. But this impression is completely wrong. And the main hero will soon find out about this. If during the day everything seemed calm in this abandoned building, then at the beginning of the night, he begins to realize that something is really queer here. Of course, he is not alone here. And to his great surprise, these are toys that came to life and are going to interfere with his plans. You can agree that it’s creepy enough to watch furry toys become dangerous monsters overnight, ready to do anything to destroy the one who dared to intrude into their territory.

Main Characters

As you have correctly guessed, in Horror Poppy Playtime dozens of toys will become the opponents of the main character. It is interesting, but he will manage to make friends with a few of them. And they will be helping the hero in everything he intends to do. It is logical they know all the corners of the old building and will be able to give a valuable hint to you in the most dangerous situations. Use these allies to solve endless puzzles that will make you closer to the main clue. You will find here all the possible creatures you can think of. And some of them will refuse to cooperate with you. For example, a huge monster with a grin on its face. It is Huggy Wuggy, and you need to avoid him. He will try to catch you and scare the hell out of you with his unbearable screams when you expect it least of all. All these toys have insane eyes, flashing with fear and the desire to reach you. But, you will have special tools to protect yourself.

How To Use special Tools

Do not be afraid that you will be left barehanded face to face with a crowd of toy monsters. You will have a special device – a Grabpack. It is a plain back pack with two interactive hands and a wire. This tool will become your main instrument in the game – you will be able to open doors, reach and grab different objects and even conduct electricity. Do not leave it anywhere, otherwise you will fail. Once you decided to complete the task, be brave enough to find the truth of the past events, despite all the terrible things you will have to come through. Start this entertainment for free on our site and try other horror games.

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